LTlov Dental Care Day 2014

On August 20th, members of our community came together at the Lakeway Dental Office in an effort to ensure children who may not otherwise be able to afford dental care, had access to free oral services. Over the course of LTlov’s 4th Annual Kids Free Dental Day event, dental professionals and volunteers worked together in an atmosphere of camaraderie resulting in sixty-one children receiving basic and acute dental care. The smiles on the children’s faces spoke volumes as together we made a significant difference through the power of love from a unity of purpose directed in the service of others. LTlov is proud of what we accomplished through the generous spirit of our participants and greatly appreciate the significant role each participant played. Thanks to our doctors: Chris Kimball, Winston Eaddy, Trisha Kimes, Rich Maastricht and Joshua Tomasik. Special thanks goes to Robbie Robinson and his staff for hosting this event for the past four years. Thanks also to our hygienists and assistants: Chelsee Brown, Barbara Early, Rachel Fenley, Patsy Harrell, Sandy Kubala, Sue Minard, Sarah Moreno, Heather Schramm, Pat Waden, and Cat Willsey. Thank you to Sr. Elizabeth Guerrero, our Spanish translator, as well as Mark Hughes, Rosemary Kinman and Rocco Magnella. We extend our deep gratitude to all who gave their time and energy to make this event a tremendous success.

Michelle Zogas

Michelle Zogas

Married to Pete for 31 years. Moved to Lakeway in 1987 & raised 2 sons. Founded LTlov in 2007 after many years volunteering locally.

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