twelve: thirty one

As many of you know we have been going back and forth with either forming our own 501(c)(3) or partnering with an existing 501(c)(3). I am proud to announce that, as of today (March 10th, 2021), we have officially partnered with LTlov. Now I’m sure y’all have some questions but don’t worry… I got you.

But why?
Why not? I mean…it just made sense to us from the start. Luckily…they felt the same. We had already worked alongside each other on numerous projects, so it wasn’t a huge leap to make when we we’re already running in that direction. And…we have uniquely similar missions and goals. First and foremost, our community and our neighbors come first.

Who is LTlov?
LTlov is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. They are volunteer run and they have been serving our community since 2007. They connect individuals, businesses, and service providers with neighbors who are struggling to find the resources they need. Through active community outreach and various programs (including the newly formed 12:31 program), they work to bridge the gap between the affluent, and the working poor, right here in our own community.

What changes?
Nothing. Everything. We still just keep doing what we do. We still decide what we do and how we do it…that doesn’t change. Our vision and our mission statement don’t change. By partnering with LTlov though… we now have the opportunity to see that through on a much larger scale. To make a bigger impact. For instance…your donations are now a tax write off which means it opens up the ability for us to accept much larger donations from businesses and individuals and opens up a lot more fundraising opportunities in general for us. It means we are now an officially approved avenue for your kids to gain service hours. And trust me… there will be plenty of opportunities! More importantly…It means we can take on more, give back more, and serve more.

Will there be tacos?
I mean…there won’t not be tacos.

Wait… did you say service hours?
Yep. Sure did.

I’m confused.
Basically… imagine I’m renting the basement of your mom’s house. Ok first… imagine your mom even has a basement. It’s her house…I just have my own space in the basement. We share a garage, the laundry room and the kitchen, etc… I buy my own groceries and have my own Netflix account. Sometimes we have dinner together because she makes a mean tater tot hot-dish and apparently, I can’t say no to hot-dish. And…it just so happens we both like the same music, so she never complains that it’s too loud.

Explain it to me like I’m 5.
The 501(c)(3) is LTlov. We are a program within LTlov.

How do I donate to 12:31?
Ok…so now that we’re all slightly uncomfortable, see Donate on the right side of this page. Thank You!

You wanna know what’s cool? We operate solely within the LTISD boundaries which means… 100% of your donations stay right here in your own community. It’s just neighbors helping neighbors.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Mike Dahlhauser

“To serve our community, in whatever capacity is needed, with the kind of relentless compassion for others that inspires a generation to do the same”

For more information on the twelve: thirty one program, please contact