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2016 Dental Day Success

On August 17th local dental professionals, LTlov and community volunteers came together for our 6th annual Kids Free Dental Day at the Lakeway Dental Office. It was an honor to provide oral health care to 53 local children whose financial circumstances impede basic dental visits. Each patient received a thorough cleaning and dentist’s exam including x-rays and sealants as needed. Services such as fillings and extractions were performed on the spot in most cases so patients went home with a healthy mouth and a sparkling smile. Thirty-three children were return patients and fourteen patients will require follow-up care for additional work that was beyond the scope of the event day. We will work to place those patients with local dentists willing to assist pro bono or at a reduced fee as quickly as possible.

The Dental Day committee would like to thank the following dental offices and staff for providing excellent and compassionate care to the children whose parents entrusted us with their oral health: Lakeway Dental Office and Dr. Robbie Robinson, Dr. Chris Kimball, Cat Willsey, Chelsee Brown, Rachel Fenley, Kat Dallo and Penelope Amaya; Sage Dentistry and Dr. Trisha Kimes, Heather Schramm, Laurie Lisciandro, Roxanne Crawford, Martha Woodhouse and Cindy Clark; Sky Ridge Dental and Dr. Laura Cook, Dr. Lisa Mertz, Yvette Thomas and Cara York; Eaddy Dentistry and Dr. Daniel Eaddy and Alexis Houston; Tomasik Family Dental and Dr. Joshua Tomasik and Regina Drake and Hygienist Cassie Nutter from the St. David’s Mobile program. Spanish translations were facilitated by Pearl Watson and Alicia Gay from Emmaus Parish.

Together we made a difference to our neighbors and to the health of the children in our community who struggle with the basic demands of daily living.

Grants Funding

Through our Grants Funding Program, LTlov provides financial support to other non-profit organizations aligned with our mission statement.  The money we use to grant funds is collected from a diverse list of individuals, corporations, and foundations who believe in the mission of LTlov and trust our organizational efficiency to be good stewards of their donations.  M2016, we funded 12 organizations with a total of $37,994 dollars. In through our Annual Grants Funding program. In addition, LTlov also reserved funding in the amount of $11,835 dollars for three internal programs: College Scholarships, Kids Free Dental Day and Project Supply Pack.

Dental Day Delivers

Wednesday, August 12th marked the fifth consecutive year to deliver free oral health services to economically disadvantaged Lake Travis children ages five through eighteen at the Lakeway Dental Office. Kids Free Dental Day was the direct result of a shared concern between LTlov member Eileen Alter and Lakeway Dental’s Dr. Robbie Robinson for local children whose families are unable to afford basic dental care. The day would not be possible without the generosity of many volunteer dental professionals and community volunteers. Patients rotated through a basic, three stage annual check-up: x-rays, hygiene and dentist’s exam, and then received repair services such as fillings and extractions as needed. In addition to Dr. Robinson and Dr. Chris Kimball and the majority of the Lakeway Dental Office staff, we would like to thank: Rising Stars Pediatric Dentistry’s Dr. Pru Aurora, Bee Cave Dental’s Dr. Corrine Scalzitti, Eaddy Dentistry’s Dr. Winston Eaddy and two hygienists, Dr. Trisha Kimes and the entire staff of Sage Dentistry Austin and Sister Elizabeth Guerrero, Director of Social Outreach & Hispanic Ministries at Emmaus Catholic Parish, who was on hand to assure that all parents were fully informed of their child’s oral health concerns despite language barriers. Special thanks to Benco Dental for donating needed supplies and to our community partners the Lake Travis and Spicewood Crisis Ministries, the Free Clinic, the Lake Travis Thrift Shop, Emmaus Parish, PODER and the Lake Hills Church Mobile Loaves & Fishes lunch truck program for helping us spread the word. As one parent shared, “I am the father of 4 children just trying to make ends meet and being able to come here, well, it is more than you can know. I am so thankful.”

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Faces of LTlov!

Eat More Chicken, Help More Families!

Thanks to all of the folks who came out on a cold, rainy evening LTlov’s Spirit Night at Bee Caves’ Chick-Fil-A was a successful event.  LTlov’s “elves” really enjoyed talking with the Chick-Fil-A diners and staff as all were encouraged to drop their receipt into the Spirit Night box to benefit LTlov’s grants funding programs. A special thank you to our honorary elves: the lovely Kim Stotts, Chick-Fil-A/Bee Caves Public Relations Manager, the incredible Darryl Zavodny, Chick-Fil-A/Bee Caves Franchise Owner-Operator, and the entire Bee Caves location management and crew for making our spirit night possible. Watching the entire staff work non-stop with a smile and excellent customer service was an inspiring lesson in teamwork. It was a pleasure to be a small part of the effort that makes Chick-Fil-A such a huge success. LTlov has been honored to be the recipient of Chick-Fil-A’s generosity and hospitality for two spirit nights and the Pack-A-Back School Supplies drive in addition to the most recent, enormously successful Green Santa Community Initiative. On behalf of LTlov and the entire Lake Travis community, we cannot thank you all enough for your continued support over the years. We appreciate your investment in our community as together we endeavor to make our neighbors lives the best they can be.

LTlov Dental Care Day 2014

On August 20th, members of our community came together at the Lakeway Dental Office in an effort to ensure children who may not otherwise be able to afford dental care, had access to free oral services. Over the course of LTlov’s 4th Annual Kids Free Dental Day event, dental professionals and volunteers worked together in an atmosphere of camaraderie resulting in sixty-one children receiving basic and acute dental care. The smiles on the children’s faces spoke volumes as together we made a significant difference through the power of love from a unity of purpose directed in the service of others. LTlov is proud of what we accomplished through the generous spirit of our participants and greatly appreciate the significant role each participant played. Thanks to our doctors: Chris Kimball, Winston Eaddy, Trisha Kimes, Rich Maastricht and Joshua Tomasik. Special thanks goes to Robbie Robinson and his staff for hosting this event for the past four years. Thanks also to our hygienists and assistants: Chelsee Brown, Barbara Early, Rachel Fenley, Patsy Harrell, Sandy Kubala, Sue Minard, Sarah Moreno, Heather Schramm, Pat Waden, and Cat Willsey. Thank you to Sr. Elizabeth Guerrero, our Spanish translator, as well as Mark Hughes, Rosemary Kinman and Rocco Magnella. We extend our deep gratitude to all who gave their time and energy to make this event a tremendous success.