LTlov Programs

LTlov works through programs that support neighbors helping neighbors overcome limiting circumstances.

Green Santa

Every year, children from the Lake Travis area wake up to presents and meals made possible by the LTlov Green Santa Program. Some of our neighbors are dealing with limiting circumstances and need a little help to make their children’s celebration of the holiday season a little brighter. Together with the community of resident and business partners, LTlov provides gifts, gift cards, and grocery cards to families during the holidays.

College Scholarships

Each year, LTlov grants scholarships to qualified LTISD graduating seniors to help defray the enormous cost of pursuing a degree in higher education. Every candidate completes a lengthy application and spends time interviewing with the LTlov Scholarship Committee. We are grateful to our sponsors and our community for supporting LTlov in this regard. We are grateful to our sponsors and our community for supporting LTlov in this regard. Our vision continues to be a compassionate community without economical or educational disparity.

School Supplies

Having the required school supplies is critical to success for all our LTISD students, but not all our neighbors are able to send their children to school with the supplies they need. LTlov communicates a call for help on behalf of these families, and our community responds with generous donations of the materials necessary to the learning process.

Grants Funding

LTlov grants funds annually to other non-profits who share our vision and mission of neighbors helping neighbors to overcome limiting circumstances. The money we use to grant funds is collected through a diverse list of individuals, corporations and foundations who believe in the mission of LTlov and trust our organizational efficiency to be good stewards of their donations.

twelve: thirty one

LTlov has added a new program to our LTlov organization. This program is called 12:31, and was created by Mike Dahlhauser, a member of our Lake Travis Community. Many of you may follow 12:31 on Facebook. 12:31 comes from the bible verse, Mark 12:31 which states “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

The mission of 12:31 is “to serve our community, in whatever capacity is needed, with the kind of relentless compassion for others that inspires a generation to do the same.” We believe that in many ways, the mission of LTlov and the mission of 12:31 are very similar.

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