Create an LTlov Fundraising Team for Amplify Austin

Instructions to complete your LTlov Fundraising page

  1. Go to the LTlov Amplify Austin profile page.
  2. Once on our page, click the “Create Campaign Page” button on the right hand side of page.
  3. Create a donor account for ease of tracking your donations and managing your fundraising pages.  You will provide name, email, and password in order to submit information.
  4. The click the tab, “My Fundraisers,” upon entering the newly created account.  From this tab, you will need to click, “Create a Fundraiser,” to start the campaign profile.
  5. Upload all information needed for a complete profile.  Once all information is entered, click “Submit Fundraiser for Approval.”
  6. Your profile must be approved by LTlov for it to be activated and ready for it to be shared publicly.
  7. Share your page and spread the LTlov story to your friends, family, and co-workers.

As a fundraiser, you will be able to see donor information on gifts made through your page.  Be sure to check often and thank your donors.  Please note that you will see who donated when the transactions are complete.  You won’t be able to see scheduled donations until Amplify Day.