2017 Vote to Fund (beta)

The 2017 LTlov Vote to Fund is underway.  Please use the ballot below to submit your funding recommendations to the Grants Committee.  We encourage each LTlov member to cast their votes to accurately reflect the wishes of our entire organization.

Directions & Clarifications:

  • A vote for each applicant is required before you can submit your ballot.
    • There are three choices on each pull down selection: Yes, No, Abstain
    • Selecting “yes” will display an amount window for you to enter your recommendation.
  • You can enter any amount into the amount field, including your own additional gift to the organization.
    • Any amount entered up to the requested amount for that organization will be deducted from the total available funds of $26,000.
    • Any amount over the requested amount for that organization will be added to your “personal check” account and will not be subtracted from the LTlov available funds. If the organization receives enough votes to fund, you will be responsible for writing a check for the overage amounts that you submit.
  • We have $26,000 to grant.  The requests total more than $40,000.  Our votes will determine the allocation of the $26,000. Please use the “Total Funds Remaining” field at the end of the ballot to help you budget your recommendations.
    • You may choose to allocate less than $26,000, but
    • Please don’t submit a ballot if the Total Funds Remain shows a negative balance
  • The amount an organization receives will be based on the following:
    • Total Money Awarded / The Number of Members Voting to Fund
    • A vote of “no” reduces the amount of funding for the organization even if there are sufficient “yes” votes to fund
    • A vote of “abstain” reduces the total number of votes needed for a grant to be awarded
  • We are not voting on our own LTlov programs (Dental Day, Scholarships, School Supplies).  We have separate funds reserved for them.  We have $26,000 to award to our Vote to Fund candidate organizations.
  • You may may make a general gift that will be spread across the organizations that receive enough votes to fund.  There is a special field at the end of the ballot.  The amount of the General Gift will be added to the “Personal Check” amount.
  • Additional Examples, Explanations, and Unusual Circumstances

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