Opportunities to Create

Is a toy frivolous when your family is struggling to pay bills and provide food? Our Green Santa program provides two age appropriate gifts and books plus HEB cards to purchase food for the holidays. Some feel that we should do away with the gifts and increase the food donation, but is that really best for the children? Children need to play. They need opportunities to be creative, to spend time outside kicking a soccer ball and to gather together as a family to play a board game. The legos received might launch a love for engineering, the art set a career in design or the building blocks chart a course toward architecture. That football can motivate a sedentary child to run and play and even Barbie can allow the chance to work out social experiences within the context of imaginary relationships. Maybe a couple of toys is just what kids living in poverty need.

Michelle Zogas

Michelle Zogas

Married to Pete for 31 years. Moved to Lakeway in 1987 & raised 2 sons. Founded LTlov in 2007 after many years volunteering locally.

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